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Uitgeleste dansen t/m 31-12-2012


Shotgun House

It's A Rodeo

Our House Of Love

Where The Wind Blows

Everybody's Sweetheart

The Belle Of Liverpool

Rock Paper Scissors

Friday Yet

A Letter To Yo

I Love Her So Much

What A Thrill


Half Past Nothing

Open Heart Cowboy

Land of Dreams

Little Bit Lonely

Bandido's Last Ride

Be Home Soon

Going Down The Mountain

Coming Home Sweet Caroline

Together, You and Me

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Rock A Billy Rebel

Much Trouble

Bye Bye

Hands on my Heart

Little White Church

Seein' Double

Midnight Cinderella

A Dream Come True

Silver Steppers

The Gambler

Queen of Hearts

Whiskeys Gone

Raised On Love

Mister Stingray

Cryin' Eyes

Alabama Slammin

The Flute

Something In The Water

Solar Power

Walking Away

Fourteen Carat Mind

Just A Kiss

Black Coffee

Lonely Too

Closer To My Dream

Hold Your Horses

How Blue

Moving On Down Tonight

Follow The Light

Cowboylied - Blue Night Cha


Blue Night Cha

Don't Be Fooled

Try Again

Oklahoma Boogie


Daddy's Radio

Down To The River

Only A Fool

All You Need

Jig About

Next To Me

Knee Deep

Eyes Wide Open

Not A Bad Thing


People Are Crazy

The Longer The Distance

Sea Of Heartbreak

Love In One Shot

Jacobs Ladder

Giddy On Up

Homeward Bound

Mother Me

18 Yellow Roses

Looking For A Real Deal

Lucky Punch

Easy Ride

Heaven in my Womans Eyes

Tomorrow Never Knows

Galway Girls

Louisiana Swing

Benidorm Boogie

Rhyme or Reason

Martini Moments

Feel Right

Fancy Diamonds


Naughty but Nice

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